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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fashion in Film Blogathon: 10 Outfits I Would Love To Find in my Wardrobe

... and then find that they looked as good on me as on the original wearers. 

I'm not the most fashion conscious person you will ever meet. In fact, I don't follow, or know the slightest bit about, fashion at all. I wear what I like and what I'm comfortable in.  So, don't be expecting all of the following outfits to be haute couture. I see a dress, it looks nice, that's that.

Deborah Kerr's "Shall We Dance" dress from The King and I

I've loved this dress ever since I was a little girl and secretly I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to own it myself (provided the person who bought in the auction last year lets me have it ;D). In the past I've said that if I ever get married I want my wedding dress to be a replica of this but I'm not sure I'd get down the aisle. 

Eleanor Parker's ball gown from The Sound of Music

Again, this is another dress I've loved since I was a little girl. The way it looks on Eleanor just takes my breath away - I want to sit and look at her forever. 

Debbie Reynold's "Good Morning" dress from Singin' in the Rain

This has to be the cutest film costume ever! I love everything about it, and, out of all the dresses on the list, I think it's the only one that would look OK on me. I subconsciously drift towards anything that resembles this little number when clothes shopping, and one day I'm sure I'll find my perfect "Good Morning" dress.

Deborah Kerr's white floaty dress from An Affair to Remember

I love the way Deborah's gorgeous red hair looks with this dress and the way the dress glides along with her. It's so simple yet so absolutely beautiful at the same time, much like Deborah herself. 

Audrey Hepburn's black lace dress (and mask) from How To Steal a Million

I have no words for this stunning dress (and mask ;D). It makes me want to cry.* 

Marilyn Monroe's black dress from The Misfits

The first time I saw Marilyn in this it took my breath away, and still does, as a matter of fact. The simplicity of it coupled with the perfect fit, the hair, and that beautiful face, just makes me gasp. 

Joan Crawford's decorating outfit from Mildred Pierce

Now THIS is what I call an outfit. I'm pretty sure that she could have made the whole decorating job a bit easier if she'd worn a pair of trousers (how do you even get up a stepladder in a pencil skirt?!) but this outfit won my heart from the first moment I saw it. I've been searching for a button front skirt like Joan's for months and the nearest I've got is this. Someday, I am going to decorate a house Joan Crawford style (minus the flawless face and legs.... which brings me to another point, WHO CLIMBS A LADDER TO DECORATE WHILST WEARING HEELS?!).

Audrey Hepburn's little black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I have never been too fussed with Audrey's long, black dress from the beginning of the film, but this one is pure love. I have a dress that I call my "Holly Golightly" dress because it sort of (not really) resembles this one. I know it's a bit of a cliché but no one does the LBD like Audrey Hepburn.

Eleanor Parker's barbecue dress from Home From the Hill

You know how Anne of Green Gables is always moaning about how it's her lifelong sorrow that she can't wear pink because she's a carrot top? Well, Eleanor Parker is living proof that you can be a redhead and wear pink, and what's more, look absolutely ravishing in it. '50s dresses with full skirts are my weakness, I absolute love them (it's the way they whooosh and rustle). 

Grace Kelly's evening dress from High Society

I may not be a fan of Grace Kelly, but there's not denying she wore some really beautiful dresses in her 11 films. Her dresses in Rear Window are all really gorgeous but this stunning dress from High Society takes the cake.

Special Wardrobe Mentions To:

Deborah Kerr's entire wardrobe from Dream Wife


Greer Garson's entire wardrobe from Mrs. Miniver

*Disclaimer: I don't actually weep over dresses. Or over any items of clothing. Well, I haven't for a long time at least...
This is an entry for the Fashion in Film Blogathon hosted by The Hollywood Revue

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