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The Darling Deborah Blogathon

On September 30th this year it will be 90 years since Deborah Kerr graced us with her presence here on earth. While she is sadly no longer with us, we still have her films, photos, OTRs etc. to remember her by. Even if you've only been following my blog for a very short amount of time, you probably already know that Deborah is my favourite person in the entire film/tv world. I can't express my love and admiration for her enough and so I came up with the idea of hosting a blogathon in honour of her this year on her birthday.

The blogathon will be held on her birthday (September 30th, as I said above) and anything you want to share about Deborah is welcome. If you're stuck for ideas, perhaps a story about her that you love, a review of one of her films, the story of how you became a Deborah fan, your Deborah graphics etc. Just leave a comment if you want to participate and I'll add you to the list of participants.

Participating blogs

Please feel free to use one of the banners from the original post about the blogathon on your blog. We want as many people as possibly spreading the Deborah love! :D


  1. I'm too short in time to actually write something but I will spread the word around on my main Blog! I'll check this interesting blogathon for sure! Great initiative Sophie!


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