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Saturday, 29 May 2010


Hello there! All zero people reading this blog. I mean, honestly, who do I expect to be reading this on the.first.post. So, I may as well ramble on aimlessly (aren't most rambles aimless? (; ) and get it over with quickly. BUT, I won't. I honestly don't have much to write as it's late and I'm tired. Very tired. Tomorrow I think I might make a post about my recent clothes purchases (I love that word - you can make it sound really funny...), but for today, I'm just introducing myself...and rambling.

As you may or may not know, my name is Sophie. I'm not going to tell you how old I am because you might be a weird old man from some far off country, and if you are, I really don't want to give you any more information that necessary. Go away! If you are the aforementioned man, that is. If not, you can stay, I like you. :D

Anyways, back on topic. So, ja, I'm Sophie. I have a very debilitating illness calle M.E (Myalgive Encephalopathy) which has pretty much ruined my life. I've had this illness since late 2006 and was only mildly to moderately affected until the last 10-12 months when I became moderately to severely affected. Since last November I've been basically housebound, and some of the time bed bound. I can count on my hands the amount of times I've been out of the house for fun reasons this year, other than the various hospital/doctors appts. When I say 'fun' reasons, I don't mean parties, the cinema, restaurants etc. etc. I mean short car rides and even shorter walks (a few yards with my crutches) just to get out of the house and get fresh air. I'm trying to build up the time I go out, and as I now have a wheelchair (hah, my Mum got it for me today! I haven't had a chance to try it out yet and probably won't be able to until late next week, but it's BIG, blue and shiny. (; ) it's going to make it a little bit easier. So, because of M.E, I don't really have a life.

I like to have pretty, old things around me. I like to reminisce, not that I'm really old enough to do that! I LOVE LOVE LOVE old films, and my favourite actress of all time is Deborah Kerr. I still have hundreds of photos of her on my walls from when my obsession with her was at it's highest boiling point (that sounds weird!) and, although I don't go on about her 24/7 like I used to, I still love her as much as ever. Lovely lady, that.

I have a pretty eclectic music taste - if I like a song, it goes on my mp3. I'm a HUGE fan of musicals and I was pretty involved in my local musical theatre before I became ill. I really, really miss singing, acting and dancing and would give anything to be able to do that for just one day. Possibly one of my favourite West End leading ladies is the unsung but HUGE talent, Susannah Fellows. She.is.amazing. Her voice is one of the most colourful, vibrant, beautiful, and adaptable voices I've ever heard. I'll have to make a post all about her one day. One day soon, in fact.

I have two brothers and a dog called Scamp. He's excessively cute, and I love him to pieces.

Well, I'm going to wrap up this long, long first post and say buona notte! Please follow me - I promise I will try to update this blog daily! If I don't, feel free to egg my blog via your computer screen. Ciao!!!


  1. hi, just wanted to mention i'm not a "weird old man" :D i'm from ayme, so not old, and i'm a girl, so cannot be male, obviously ;D hope you're feeling better soon, i like looking at your adventures album on your facebook page. i hope you don't mind me following you, i seem to have followed everyone that posted on the blogs page on ayme! :) hehe hope you're okay, ellie xx

  2. I'm very grateful for that fact! (; Aha, I think I haz you on Facebook, do I not? Ooh, I have placed you - you're Sophie E's stalker!!! (; Stalker in a good way, of course! :P

    If I was rich, I would have liked to have given you a present for being the first person to comment EVER...and also for the fact that you didn't let my first post be lonely and desolate. (: But, I'm not rich, unfortunately. :(

    Thanks muchly for following! (: xxx

  3. Yay :) Yes I am her stalker, I think everyone stalks her adventures though! ;D

    Yay for hypothetical present! ;) Hehe xx

  4. Thank you for stopping by at mine,here's to a long and blogging future ahead of you!

  5. Thank you for following me too! (: J'adore you blog! All those beautiful photos! Your about me completely puts into words how I feel most of the time! If only time machines were real...

    @Ellie - ahahaha, stalkers ftw!!! (;

  6. This is so cool that you're starting a blog, Sophie!! I'll definitely be checking back to see what you're posting about! :)

  7. Thanking you kindly Mary! (: I'll try not to disappoint! (:

  8. Niiicceee! its cute! preeetttyy!!!! hehehe!

  9. I'm late to the party, but anyway... Welcome to Classic Movie Blogland!

  10. I guess that makes me the "weird old man from some far off country," but I'm basically harmless. :) Thanks for following Film Noir Photos, and allowing me to follow your fine blog. I promise to be no creepier than I absolutely have to be.



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