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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

New Layout!

I've wanted to change my layout for quite a while now but, not being able to design a layout myself and having searched and searched but failed to find a layout to my liking, I'd almost given up. However, today I decided I'd give it another go and I finally found something I like. I thought I'd have a Christmassy/Wintery theme for the time being, and then change it to something more "neutral" after New Year. I'll probably keep the header though, I like seeing my dear Deborah there! Anyway, I hope you like it!

Aaaaand, here's a photo of Arlene being usual her lovely, beautiful self ;D


  1. Very pretty layout :) Cool header too!

  2. ALDK for always. now that I actually know what that means. haha.

  3. What a beutiful photo of Arlene Francis! She seemed like a really lovely, friendly lady. She and Bennett Cerf are my favorite on "What's My Line?" They certainly bring a lot of class and charm to the show.


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