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Saturday, 30 July 2011

14 pint-sized film stars

I was watching Sadie Thompson (1928) a couple of nights ago and it struck me how petite Gloria Swanson was. I'm not particularly tall (5'6 - same height as Deborah, aw yeah!) but often I feel like such a clumsy giant around dainty 5-footers. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to make a post about some pint-size actresses from back in the day.

Gloria Swanson

The larger than life actress measured in at around 5 feet (some sources say 4'11, some say 5'2, but apparently her bus pass listed her as 5 feet.).

Elizabeth Taylor

One of the biggest film star's the world has ever known, violet-eyed Elizabeth was fairly tiny at 5'2.

Debbie Reynolds

Dainty Debbie (what can I say? I love alliteration!) measures in at 5'2.

Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard, the Queen of screwball comedy, was around 5'2.

Jean Harlow

I always think of Jean as being quite tall but in fact she was only 5'2.

Natalie Wood

A talented child actress, Natalie Wood blossomed into a gorgeous young woman measuring in at 5'2.

Louise Brooks

Louise is another person I always think of as being quite tall, but she was in fact rather petite at 5'2.

Bette Davis

Measuring in at 5'3, what Bette lacked in height she made up for with her formidable screen presence.

Miriam Hopkins

This little firecracker of an actress measured in at 5'2.

Norma Shearer

At only 5'1, Norma Shearer was one of the tiniest film stars - but because of her bold screen presence, you'd never know.

Mary Pickford

Teeny tiny Mary Pickford was only 5'½.

Leslie Caron

Actress and dancer Leslie measures in at 5'1½.

Jane Powell 

Jane's slim figure and height of 5'½ make her one of the most petite ladies on the list. 

Judy Garland

Last but not least is Judy Garland measuring in at around 4'11, the tiniest of them all.

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I had no idea so many stars were so tiny! I wonder if this made it easier for them to be paired with a leading man?

  2. Great post. I was surprised that you omitted Veronica Lake, at 4' 11½ :)


  3. @Audrey - Me neither until I began looking up their heights! Some that I thought were tiny turned out to be taller than me! Hmm, interesting question. I always find it amusing when you see a film in which a tiny actress is paired with a HUGE man (and of course, in Singin' in the Rain it was the other way around in regards to Gene/Cyd!).

    @Mark - Oh, gosh! I should have remembered that she was teeny tiny because I saw Sullivan's Travels in the last month and when she's walking next to Joel McCrea... whew! :)

  4. Great post! I did a similar one with actors. :-)

  5. Lombard's height has been listed from 5'2" to 5'6"; biographer Larry Swindell states it's 5'4 1/2", which is the neighborhood I tend to believe she stood. She certainly doesn't look all that petite when standing near Clark Gable, who was a big man.


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