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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sophie's 20 Favourite Classic Actresses (Updated)

It's been almost 18 months since I posted my first and last list on my Top 15 Favourite actresses and since then I have discovered many new and wonderful actresses who have slyly wormed their way into my affections. Some of them I vaguely knew of before and had maybe seen a couple of their films and others were completely knew to me. You'll notice that next to all to all of the actresses names (except the first two who haven't changed) there is either a (-x), (+x), or (new!) which I suppose is pretty self-explanatory. The +/- numbers indicate how far up or down the particular actress has moved in my "top favourites" list and the (new!) indicates that they weren't on the list before. Well, I think that's everything! Enjoy!

Favourite film(s): From Here To Eternity, The King and I, Tea and Sympathy
The End of the Affair, & The Sundowners.

Favourite film(s): Random Harvest, Mrs. Miniver, Julia Misbehaves, & Blossoms in the Dust.

#3 Helle Virkner (new!)

Favourite film(s): Kispus & Matador (tv series).

#4 Barbara Stanwyck (-1)

Favourite film(s): Ball of Fire, Christmas in Connecticut, No Man of Her Own, Baby Face
& The Lady Eve.

#5 Eleanor Parker (+1)

Favourite film(s): The Sound of Music, Home From the Hill, The Voice of the Turtle
Detective Story, & Three Secrets.

#6 Rosalind Russell (-2)

Favourite film(s): Auntie Mame, The Trouble With Angels, & A Woman of Distinction.

#7 Irene Dunne (new!)

Favourite film(s): I Remember MamaMy Favourite Wife, & The Awful Truth.

#8 Carole Lombard (new!)

Favourite film(s): My Man Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

#9 Ava Gardner (+4)

Favourite film(s): On the Beach, & The Night of the Iguana.

#10 Joan Crawford (new!)

Favourite film(s): Mildred Pierce, Possessed.

#11 Miriam Hopkins (new!)

Favourite film(s): These Three

#12 Glynis Johns (new!)

Favourite film(s): Mary Poppins, Mad About Men, & Encore: Gigolo and Gigolette.

#13 Audrey Hepburn (-6)

Favourite film(s): How To Steal a Million Breakfast at Tiffany's.

#14 Patricia Neal (new!)

Favourite film(s): Hud.

#15 Marlene Dietrich (new!)

Favourite film(s): The Lady is Willing, A Foreign Affair, Dishonored, & Morocco.

#16 Jean Simmons (-8)

Favourite film(s): The Big Country The Grass is Greener.

#17 Lucille Ball (new!)

Favourite film(s): Yours, Mine and OursStage DoorThe Long Long Trailer, & I Love Lucy (tv series).

#18 Myrna Loy (new!)

Favourite film(s): The Thin Man Series The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer.

#19 Arlene Francis (new!)

Favourite film(s): The Thrill of it All.

#20 Suzanne Pleshette (new!)

Favourite film(s): The Ugly Dachshund (I can hear you tittering from here so zip it!) and The Birds

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