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Sunday, 26 June 2011

balloons, cake and birthday wishes for the 'woman of a thousand faces'

That's right ladies and gentlemen, a year has rolled by and once again we find ourselves celebrating the lovely Eleanor Parker's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I hope you have a wonderful days filled with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens. See how seamlessly I managed to fit a TSoM reference into that sentence? Even though it technically had nothing to do with Eleanor...

ANYWAY, it's time for me to rustle up one of my 6 Reasons posts. I haven't done one of these since Deborah's birthday last year because none of my most favourite favouritest favourites have had any birthdays since then (except Glynis, but shhhhh she musn't find out!). In no particular order...

Reason #1 - Her smile

Reason #2 - The Baroness Schraeder Giggle

Reason #3 - Her chameleon-like ability in films

Check out Lizzie (1957) if you want to see her showcase her ability to morph from a mousy museum office worker Elizabeth into the more than slightly crazy Lizzie.

Reason #4 - Her voice

Reason #5 - Scaramouche

It should start at 5:10, one of my favourite parts. Eleanor is so hilarious as Lenore; the film wouldn't be any good without her in my opinion ;D

Reason #6 - Her ridiculous beauty and adorableness

There you have it! 6 serious and not so serious reasons I love the birthday girl. Once again, on the off chance that Eleanor is surfing the interwebz, I'd just like to extend my warmest wishes to you on this day and I hope that you enjoyed eating plenty of weiner schnitzel (sorry, my TSoM references cannot be tamed!) cake and had a wonderful time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ♥


  1. It's great to see a tribute to Eleanor Parker! She's a really great actress and seems to get overlooked. She really did go through alot of appearance changes. The long pretty hair in the early 1940s, shorter hair in the 50s, blonde in the 50s and 60s.

    Love her! Happy birthday :)

  2. I love the photos! Eleanor really does have such a great voice. That's such a good scene from TSoM. I always feel sorry for her character at that part. No matter one anyone says, I really like her in that film! :)

  3. I missed this link on tumblr. lol :) it's me tharwa-karina.
    Gurl, Scaramouche takes up one whole reason for Eleanor. Ugh she is just, idek. I am speechless :D


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