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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Films I Can Watch Over and Over #3

Although there are several Disney cartoons that hold a special place in my heart, on the whole I much prefer Disney's live action films of the late 50s-60s. If I could choose to live in any film, I would probably pick a Disney live action film (or Columbia's similar The Trouble With Angels, starring Hayley Mills). My favourite of these is The Parent Trap (1961) starring Maureen O'Hara, Brian Keith, and Hayley Mills... doubled. It's a great family film; just as enjoyable for adults as for children (both my parents like it). The comedy in it is absolutely brilliant (I don't laugh at loud often at films, but this one always has me chuckling) and Hayley Mills is utterly fantastic as always. I have the greatest respect for her as an actress. She can be sweet, she can be spunky, she can be just plain marvellous...

I can't talk about this film without mentioning how fabulous Maureen is in it. Seriously, her character is one of my favourite film Mums. She's so fierce, like always, and her red hair is so gorgeous that a;lfjda'ldsfja'ldfj you can't help loving her. Also, she and Brian Keith make such an adorable couple.

Ooops! Spoilers ;) (Ok, you won't get that reference unless you're a Doctor Who fan obsessed with River Song who I'm not even going to start talking about following last week's "revelation" episode which renders me incapable of thinking any good thoughts about Stephen Moffat and his self indulgent, ridiculous, far too serious story lines. Get out. Now.) Although, it's not as if it isn't blatantly obvious what's going to happen from the very first moment you read the back of the DVD cover, so... ;D You should watch it. Everyone should watch it. The Parent Trap is the best and I will not accept any blasphemous remakes starring Lindsay Lohan being obnoxious and flaunting an English accent I've never heard any English person use. Good day, sir!

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  1. It's one of my favorite movies, too. It's so good that one easily overlooks two obvious flaws: (1) The parents are still in love (how could anyone not fall for Maureen in this pic), so why did they split in the first place? (2) these parents aren't cruel enough separate twins and make them live apart for years! Still, it's an incredibly charming, funny film and makes me want to get together with it (yeah, yeah, yeah). BTW, have you ever seen Hayley's movie THE TRUTH ABOUT SPRING? I enjoy it, too. And she's marvelous in POLLYANNA and WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND.


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