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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A gift of 50 cigarette cards

Yesterday my Dad returned from visiting my eldest brother at uni. (aka helping him move his belongings from one house to another and then bringing another part of my brother's HUGE book collection home to completely incapacitate the spare room ;D) and gave me an album of 50 cigarette cards that my brother had bought for me. I was, and still am, over the moon! They're so wonderful; I can't stop looking at them! Thank you, big brother!

I believe they're from around 1938/1939 going from the films that it says some of the stars have just completed. I'm enjoying reading the little biographies on the back so much - it's interesting to seeing the erroneous birth dates of the stars we know lied about their age (*cough*Constance Bennett*cough*). They' cards are in brilliant condition and I am so pleased and grateful that I have them!

I've italicised the names of the actors/actresses I hadn't heard about until now, so it would be great if you could recommend some films of their's for me to watch!

Click on photos to enlarge
(Top row l-r: Brian Aherne, June Duprez, Fred Astaire, Charles Boyer
Bottom row l-r: Virginia Bruce, Diana Churchill,  Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis (I lol'd when I realised that Joan and Bette were next to each other ;D)) 

 (Top row l-r: Olivia de Havilland, Deanna Durbin, Nelson Eddy, Gracie Fields, Errol Flynn, 
Bottom row l-r: George Formby, Valerie Hobson, John Howard, Allan Jones, Patric Knowles)

 (Top row l-r: Dick Powell, Vivien Leigh, Margaret Lockwood, Myrna Loy, Corinne Luchaire
Bottom row l-r: Jeanette MacDonald, Barry MacKay, Frederic March, Raymond Massey, Ray Milland)

(Top row l-r: Mary Morris, Paul Muni, Merle Oberon, Laurence Olivier, Maureen O'Sullivan
Bottom row l-r: Lilli Palmer, Nova Pilbeam, Eleanor Powell, Luise Rainer, Basil Rathbone)

(Top row l-r: Rene Ray, Shirley Ross, Rosalind Russell, Norma Shearer, James Stewart
Bottom row l-r: Robert Taylor, Franchot Tone, Spencer Tracy, Conrad Veidt, Anton Walbrook)

Hope you enjoyed looking at them! :D


  1. June Duprez is in 'The Thief of Bagdad' and 'The Four Feathers', both of which are worth watching (especially the latter).
    Nova Pilbeam is in 'The Man Who Knew Too Much' and 'Young and Innocent'.
    I LOVE the Raymond Massey, Vivien and Myrna ones! How super!!

  2. Thank you so much, Lizzie! I shall try and get hold of a copy of each to watch :)
    The original TMWKTM? I've only seen the remake, eek!
    I love the Myrna one too! I think the Livvie one is adorable.

  3. Yeah, the original. She plays the child who is kidnapped. I don't know much about her, but I know she was married to Penn Tennyson, a promising young British director (and great-grandson of the poet) but he was killed during WW2.
    Livvie looks so sweet!

  4. Hey, can I argue (without having seen The Four Feathers) and say that The Thief of Bagdad is pretty great too--even for thoroughly non-June-Duprez-related reasons? ;)

    I love that Connie and Anton are next to each other. Woohoo, look out for the Teutonic hawtness in the corner, girls (and boys)!! :D

    Thanks so much for posting these, hon. ♥

  5. Wow, your bro is really cool! Beautiful cards!

  6. What a great set of cards. I do so love these old Hollywood card sets.

  7. Barry MacKay played Scrooge's nephew in the 1938 version of A Christmas Carol starring Reginald Owen. He was really great in the part - if he and Lynne Carver as the niece could only be transplanted into the Alastair Sim version, that would be the perfect adaptation! I thought the niece & nephew were the weakest points in that version.

  8. Where did he buy them for you


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