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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

New Poll: Who's the Screwball Queen? (+previous poll results)

Whenever I think of screwball comedy, I immediately think of a handful of highly talented ladies who made some of the greatest films of the genre. So for this poll I'm asking you to pick between 8 equally fabulous ladies and vote for whom you think is the Queen of Screwball Comedy.

Irene Dunne

Carole Lombard

Rosalind Russell

Claudette Colbert

Myrna Loy

Jean Arthur

Barbara Stanwyck

Katharine Hepburn

Happy voting! :D
According to the previous poll (which ended over a month ago... oops!) Liesl is the most popular von Trapp kid, with Brigitta coming in second (YAY!), cute little Gretl third, and Louisa, Marta and the two boys all tying for last place with 1 vote. Thanks for voting everyone!

Please check out yesterday's Box Set Monday post featuring on the ladies in the poll.


  1. Oh, this is HARD! So many talented ladies. I ultimately went with Carole because she starred in so many screwball comedies and I associate her career most with the genre. Many of the other actresses went on to do many other types of films. Dear Carole didn't have a chance to but she left us a wonderful legacy of the films she did make. Also, wasn't she the one that the term was originally coined for? (Could be wrong on that, though.)

  2. Carole Lombard! But it was between her and Kate, so close! :)

  3. Irene Dunne gets my vote.

    Boy, you sure didn't make this easy!

  4. Just gave this a plug at my site, http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/432563.html (by its title, you can probably guess who I'm pulling for!).

  5. you're killin' me smalls, but dunne it is!

  6. @Audrey - I always wonder if Carole would be remembered in the same way (less for her comedies and more for dramas perhaps) had she lived to continue making films from the '40s onward. The same with other tragic stars like Jean Harlow, Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe etc. And yes, I believe it was coined for her, at least I've seen it used in relation to her a lot of times!

    @Tharwa - Thanks for voting! :)

    @Caftan Woman - Yay for Irene! I love all the ladies on the list but Irene is definitely one of my favourites! Thank you for voting :)

    @VP81955 - Thanks so much for voting and for the plug! :)

    @Meredith - LOL ;D Thanks for voting - Irene told me to thank you for voting for her! :P

  7. @VP81955 - Thanks so much for voting and for the plug! :)

    Glad to do it...hope it's not deemed electioneering. (I tried to stand a reasonable distance away from the ballot box!)

  8. Carole gets my vote--she's the one who automatically comes to mind when you mention "screwball comedies."


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