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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

She's Expecting You (14 year old Sophie strikes again)

About a month ago I posted an essay on Deborah Kerr that I had written when I was 14 and today I have another treat (*cough*) in store for you also about Deborah and also written when I was 14. This time it's a composition and rather fanciful but I used to hope with all my heart that one day the story would come true! I've left all the spelling and grammatical errors intact so you can read it in it's fully glory! ;D
She's Expecting You

As I stepped off the train and walked through London, my heart was beating wildly. I eventually reached my destination and walked past the door two or three times before plucking up the courage to knock. A lady in her mid-fifties opened the door, and, as we were walking up the hallway, said to me, "She's been expecting you all morning and thought you weren't coming." I replied that my train was an hour behind time. We came to a white door that was slightly ajar and through which I could hear Vera Lynn singing "The White Cliffs of Dover" on a record. as I walked into the room the lady said, "Mother, this is Miss W---," and left the room. It was a light, airy, and pretty room, and there were lots of cushions on the window seat and comfortable looking chairs were placed around the fire. In one of these chairs sat the lady whom I had come to see, Deborah Kerr. She smiled at me and said, "I'm so pleased you could come. I would get up if I could but unfortunately I can't. I hope you didn't get to wet in the rain. Please s it down." The morning and afternoon passed very quickly and when it was time to leave Miss Kerr asked me to come and I promised her I would. I got on the train a very happy person, and went home.

Hope you enjoyed my wishful, little story and I'll try and dig out some of my old classic film related essays and compositions for future posts :D

P.S. You may have noticed that I've changed the commenting system from blogger's own to disquis because a few people have mentioned over the last few months that they've had trouble commenting through blogger. I hope this will make things a bit easier!

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