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Friday, 25 March 2011

Aww, shucks -- I just got my first ever blog award!

Imagine my surprise and delight this morning when I received an email telling me that the wonderful Clara of Via Margutta 51 had chosen me as a Stylish Blogger! I've never received a blog award before and I feel very honoured to receive this one from Clara. Thank you so much! :)

Right, now I have to, according to the rules of the award, leave a link to Clara's blog and then reveal to you all 7 of my deepest, darkest secrets... or, just reveal 7 facts about myself.

1. I love tennis. I sort of stole that one from Clara, but it's a highly relevant fact about me too! I've played the sport since I was 5, which makes it almost 13 years. It's my favourite sport without a doubt.

2. I play the trumpet. I started learning when I was 13, and I love it. There is no feeling that can compare with the thrill that runs through you whilst playing in a jazz/concert band when everyone around you is playing and the music is swelling and... ugh. It's magnificent.

3. I saw The King and I on stage when I was 2 weeks old. No, my mother is not one of those people who brings screaming babies and kids to the theatre -- it was at the dress rehearsal for a production of the show. My brother was in it and so, not wanting to go to the actual show in case I started wailing (and I did a lot of that, apparently), Mum decided to go and watch the dress rehearsal instead. I have a feeling this is where my love of The King and I, and musicals in general, springs from ;D

4. I absolutely love the 2005 BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens' Bleak House. I watched this series when it first aired, just a few months before I turned town the dark path of classic film ;D, and it's the first thing I can remember ever being ridiculously obsessed with. I fell in love with the costumes, the music, the breathtaking cinematography and most importantly, the story and Lady Dedlock/Gillian Anderson. I read most of Dickens' books after this, and I've watched Bleak House far too many times every year since 2005.

5. I would love to be a vet. Ever since I was little, I've dreamed of being a vet (well, a vet, an actress, and a professional tennis player ;D) and of all them, I think I have the most chance of becoming a vet. That being said, I'm more "hands on" than academic so I'm not sure how well I would cope with the long years of training and exams that one has to through to become a qualified vet. Also, I believe it's rather hard to get into veterinary college...

6. I have absolutely NO artistic abilities, whatsoever. I'm not joking. I can't even draw stick people without difficulty. I can, however, draw robots. On graph paper.

7. Something random. I had a dream last night that I was Phoebe Buffay in Phyllis Dietrichson's body wearing Baroness Schraeder's clothes (specifically, the carpet skirt she wears during The Lonely Goatherd/Edelweiss scene and a hot pink version of the blouse). I must say, I looked pretty good. In dream land, Phyllis' wig (I didn't have the Baroness' hair, sadly) didn't look really bizarre like it did in Double Indemnity.

Oh my, now I have to choose seven stylish bloggers to give this award too. HOW CAN I PICK JUST 7 OUT OF ALL YOU INCREDIBLY STYLISH PEOPLE? Here goes...

I urge you to check out their blogs if you haven't already, because they are all seven really amazing!


  1. :)

    I'll answer the comment you left over my blog about tennis here. For me, right now, WTA = Kim Clijsters!! Totally, Sophie, I've been following her since 2001. Then she was the number two female tennis player I rooted for, #1 was Martina Hingis. My cousin, who also played tennis, used to call me "Clarita Hingis" :)
    But now, obviously, Kim's the queen. I mean, she has won TWO US Open after having her daughter Jada! Plus she seems to be very down to earth, really honest AND funny (did you see this interview:


    Hilarious! So, yeah, Kim is my favorite player too (Fernando González is my favorite male tennis player).

    Fun facts! Now you'll have to upload one of your robots drawings AND a song played with your trumpet.
    I tried to watch the first episode of Bleak House, and I really didn't understand what was happening...at all! LOL.

    Oh, and your dream was weird, but nice you looked great :)


  2. That dream sounds BIZARRE...and really funny. :) Dreams are so crazy!

  3. Thanks so much for awarding me! I would award you back but it would be a bit pointless. I have dreams like that! The other day I had one where I was Greer Garson dressed in Bette Davis sailing gear and I sailed to this tiny green island with a little sign saying Japan on it with Gene Kelly. Weird.


  4. "The unrivaled Queen of Crazy"


    Thanks ever so, Sophie the Mad English Girl! ;-D

  5. thank you darling sophie! you are the bees knees. and that dream is the greatest thing I've ever heard in my life.


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