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Saturday, 19 March 2011

My Classic Film Collection

I've been collecting classic films for several years now, but up until the last year or so, I didn't really have all that many. I mainly recorded films off the tv onto discs -- this is how I acquired a lot of my Deborah film collection as every week I would scour the tv guide to see if any of her films were showing. If there happened to be a rare film airing, I would go bonkers! This last year, however, I amassed a fair amount of DVDs. YAY! The downside was that all of my shelves were full of books, which meant that my precious, ever-expanding film collection had to sit on the floor. I was desperate for some shelves so that I could show off my collection properly, and finally, today my DVDs got their new home. They went from this...

... to this...

Silly as it sounds, I just can't stop looking at them! They look so shiny and pretty! I have them organised in alphabetical order, starting with Eleanor Parker and Robert Taylor's amazing film Above and Beyond (1952) and ending with the absolutely wonderful Yours, Mine and Ours (1968) starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. I once tried organising them in alphabetical order according to the actress, but that raised the question of whether I should just do that for Deborah, Greer, Stany, Eleanor etc. etc. or for ALL of the actresses, even the ones that I don't fan girl over. It became far too complicated because, do I put The Band Wagon with my Cyd films or with my Ava films, even though she's only in it for a minute? I also tried just having them all mixed up once. NEVER AGAIN. I like to know exactly where a film is. If they're not in some sort of order then you never know where they will turn up. It just doesn't feel right having From Here To Eternity and The Ugly Dachshund next to each other.

How do you organise your films?


  1. Sophie, My DVD collection is also in a bookcase in, alphabetical order, starting with the actress.. Doris Day. Now, I need to buy another bookcase. :)

  2. The first thing I noticed-WE HAVE THE SAME FRANK CAPRA COLLECTION! ;-P

  3. Very nice Sophie. It's great that you finally got the proper setup for your collection. Mine is a work in progress. I had pictures on another site but can't find them now. If I don't, I will take more pics to show you my collection.


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