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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Thin Man (1934)

So, here I am with the promised review of the first film in The Complete Thin Man Collection box set.

Basically, everyone should see this film. It's witty, fun, has a really cute dog AND a plot. YOU DON'T GET FILMS LIKE THIS ANY MORE.

The plot of The Thin Man revolves around the disappearance of a man named Clyde Wynant (the "thin man" )...but not really. It revolves around William Powell - who plays Nick Charles, a retired detective - and Myrna Loy - who plays his wife, Nora. At the request of Wynant's daughter, Nick reluctantly takes on the case, and, a few dead bodies - and more than a few drinks - later, Nick triumphantly outs the murderer in a hilarious dinner party scene.

Nick and Nora Charles are just perfection. If you don't adore both of them, then, to be frank, you need your head checking. Also, they have the cutest dog ever, Asta.

Frankly, even if this film didn't have a plot, I would watch it over and over just to hear the immense quipping between Myrna and William. ONE OF THE BEST FILM COUPLES EVER, PEOPLE!!

I am aware that this isn't much of a review, but, in all honesty, you need to see it to appreciate it. Some films you can do justice by writing about them, others...you really can't. Trust me, if you watch The Thin Man, you will not be disappointed. :D


  1. Yay Sophie, I'm glad you loved it too :) Welcome to the club.

  2. :D Well, I have already seen the first 3 (I THINK I've seen the 3rd) films, just not for a while! So it was like a refresher...and amazing refresher. This box set is the greatest thing ever ;D

  3. I love the wardrobe in this film. Fabulous!

  4. The Thin Man is one of my favorite movie series and this one is terrific. Glad you loved it Sophie.

  5. Loved it. A young Maureen o Sullivan is in it and she is stunning


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