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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Norma!

Norma Shearer

August 10, 1902 - June 12, 1983

Happy birthday, you wonderful, wonderful lady! ♥

I don't talk about her all that much, but I really do love Norma - and everyone else should to! Seriously, she was amazing! She is terribly forgotten, and she is the least deserving actress to be forgotten! (I am aware that made no sense, but it made sense in my head so...) I order everyone to go and share the Norma love and watch at least one of her films today! :D


  1. Yay! I watched 'Romeo and Juliet' ~ Sharing the Norma love!

  2. Her picture could very well be in the dictionary next to the phrase "A Modern".

    What a wonderful blog you have! I'm so delighted that you're such a fan at your tender age -- may you have much influence on your peers!

    do stop by sometime.

  3. You've got a great blog ! I'm gonna follow it.
    Thanks a lot for your visit on mine.


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