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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday Star - Joan Crawford

The trusty mouse once again did it's job, and picked for us a Sunday Star: Joan Crawford. After I'd finished questioning the mouse's obviously questionable sanity, I decided that I'd just get down to business and post...

^Probably my favourite photo of her :)

Well, I honestly don't have much to say about Joan, good or bad. One thing that I do love about Joan is the many amazing photos of her. There's something so incredible about her photos, they just mesmerise me. So, whilst I'm thinking of something to say, here are a few of my favourites...

^That is just such a beautiful photo! :')

Well, I've thought. I still don't know what to say, but I ought to say something! ;D

You probably already know this, but I don't particularly think much of Joan as an actress (don't get me wrong, she was immense in several of her films, but, on the whole, she's not my favourite...), however, I'm hard pressed to think of someone who was more of a star than Joan.

There's no denying Joan was a movie star of the first magnitude. I personally have more respect for great actresses (*cough*Bette*cough*), but movie stars like Joan just fascinate me....I don't know why!

Having said that I don't particularly like Joan as an actress, I must say that I love "silent Joan". She was one of the lucky actresses who made a successful transition from silent to sound, but I really do love her silent films.

Her face was perfect for silents and, quite honestly, with the exception of a few of her sound films, I enjoy her 4 years of silents a lot more than her 40 years of talkies.

I would love to have written (typed) more, but I've not been very well for the last few days and I lack the motivation to write anything much, so this will have to suffice for now. Hopefully very soon I'll be able to compile more interesting posts! A presto! :)


  1. she was a great actress,but no real match for bette

  2. Well she was not exactly what you would call, nuanced!

    But I must say Sophie, you've done it again! For me anyways! In 2001, I Associate Produced a full length documentary for Turner Classic Movies called "Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star". One of my chief tasks was to spend a couple of months in the Margaret Herrick Library at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences pull stills for use in the show.

    Upon first sight, that top photo you posted became, and remains, my very favorite picture of her too. You can almost read her thoughts which seem to say, "I'm young, rich, beautiful and secure, and I'm loving every minute of this!"

  3. @Gingeyginge - I wholeheartedly agree!Bette was just..wow!

    @Felix - Oh, wow! That's amazing! It must have been a wonderful thing to have produced! :D And that's exactly what I think when I see that photo...she was on top of the world at that point! :)

  4. Okay, I'm gonna kill you LOL. Just kidding. But come on! Joan was an amazing actress! And I'm not just saying that because she's my queen. Okay, there IS some roles that she isn't THAT good, but look up at Mildred Pierce, Humoresque, The Damned don't Cry etc. Perfection personified! I love Bette Davis as well, but for me, there's no one like Joan because she wasn't only a terrific actress, but also a great movie star, a beautiful woman and a gorgeous person. She was complete. And I seriously can't believe you don't like her acting! But anyway, I respect your opinion. =D Your blog's divine, btw.

    ps: forgive my English, I'm not American XD

  5. @Ana Ahahahaha, well, since I wrote this post I must confess to becoming a bit of a Joanie fan! I'm not kidding at all, I've fallen under her spell. I realised how childish the Team Bette/Team Joan thing was and decided to give Joan a chance. Like you said, there are some roles that are kind of iffy but which actress hasn't had roles like that? So, yes, I guess you can class me as a Joan fan now. I never saw that one coming ;D Oh, thank you so much! :) And your English is perfect! <3 Thanks for dropping by!


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