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Saturday, 7 August 2010

My Top Ten Eleanor Parker Photos

So, there's this trend on tumblr of posting one's 10 favourite photos of a certain actor/actress. Today, I jumped on the bandwagon and compiled my 10 fav. photos of Greer Garson, and then Eleanor Parker, lists. I think I've posted my most loved Greer photos on here already, so, I thought I'd share with you my Eleanor Parker favourites (complete with my mad tumblr captions! ;D )


I never used to like this photo, but now...I really love it. Every time I look at it I see some new emotion in Eleanor's eyes. Eleanor's eyes are beautiful. Really beautiful. I want them. WHY DON'T MY EYES LOOK LIKE HERS!?


This is another prime example of her beautiful eyes. Idk, they're just so unique! I've never seen anyone with eyes like hers. I'm honestly not obsessed with her eyes!


Eleanor with Duane Chase and Debbie Turner. I don't know why I love this so much, but I do. It may have something to do with her outfit. I want.


This one is just so cute!♥ Eleanor and Paul Clemens receiving their marriage license in 1954. I think she has such a pretty smile...


This photo makes me want her as my Aunty, for some odd reason. She'd be such a cool Aunty...she'd be the one that is more of a best friend than an actual Aunt.


She is so gorgeous. That is all I can say about this photo...♥


These next two photos are from the same photo shoot. I have so many lovely ones from this shoot that I just had to share two of my favourites!


Does she not look absolutely divine? She has such a brilliant sparkle in her eyes! I'm in heaven...


FYI, Lana can move right over, Eleanor rocked the sweater look better than anyone.

I had such trouble choosing this photo, there's a whole set of them from a 1951 (I think) phot shoot, and they are all ever so marvellous! ♥ However, I love this one because of her "bordering-
on-a-laugh" smile. We all know how absolutely delicious Eleanor's laugh is...


GAH! THIS PHOTO MELTS MY HEART! Whenever I think of Eleanor, I think of her in a pose like this, so, when I found this photo, I almost died of happiness! :') I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Well, there you have my 10 favourite Eleanor Parker photos! I hope you enjoyed them! :) Oh, and always remember to spread Eleanor-love. The world needs more of it! ♥


  1. Those are great photos! Where did you get them from? Yes, she looked absolutely stunning, especially in her role as The Baroness in The Sound of Music. Do you know of any photos of her in later life? I would love to have a more recent one on my Sound of Music website!

  2. :) From many places, mostly google searches, though. The most recent photo I've seen of her is from 2005, and it's very tiny, I'm afraid.


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