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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sunday Star - Grace Kelly

Once again my trusty mouse (I'm actually on a laptop, so I don't have a mouse! ;D ) chose a very lovely Sunday Star for us, the far too divine Grace Kelly.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not overly fond of her as an actress, but I still love her! I think she was such a beautiful lady both inside and out, clich├ęd as it sounds.

Ever elegant, well mannered, kind and polite, Grace certainly lived up to her name.

It seems strange that someone who only appeared in 12 films is so well known and well loved. She passed away almost 30 years ago and her last film, High Society, was made in 1956, yet she is still remembered so well and spoken of so fondly. I don't think Grace will ever be forgotten, she made such an impact during her 52 years on this earth.

Need I say anything about her astonishing beauty? I think not, these photos speak for themselves...

Many, many people, myself included, think of Grace not only as an actress but as a magnificent style icon. I would die for every single outfit I've ever seen her wearing! Grace is, for me, the biggest style icon of the 50s - on par with Marilyn Monroe, whose style I'm not overly (*cough* at all *cough*) fond of, but who undoubtedly was, and still is, a humongous style icon. There's just something so appealing about Grace's style. She always looked natural whether she was wearing an evening gown or a pair of trousers and a shirt. Now that's style!

Like everyone, there are many people I would love to have met, but some of them I would really love to have met. Grace Kelly is one of these people.

Well that's all! I hope you've enjoyed this little post! :)

A presto!! ♥


  1. Awesome post Sophie. Grace is one of my favorites and I agree with you on all the points you made. She was as much as a fashion icon as she was actress. Great pics and I really enjoyed reading this post about her.


    And seriously, Grace is my third favorite actress ever, so you're kind of doing a series on my faves! Haha!

  3. Monty - Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

    Millie - Muchos gracias! :) HAHAHA, are you serious? :O I'll laugh it's Audrey or Carole next :')

  4. Oh but she's magnificent in Rear Window! It's a shame that she gave up acting, but it's kind of sweet that she did it to build a family with the man she loved... sigh :)


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