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Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Only 10 Modern Actors I Can Stand

I've put this off for long enough, it's time to bite the bullet and get it over with. The list was so hard to compile because I couldn't for the life of me remember anyone apart from the first 5! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! These are the actors who almost made it onto the list: Hugh Grant, Hugh Laurie, George Clooney, Richard Armitage and Christian Bale.

No. 1 - Johnny Depp

I feel like most people (excluding Twilight fans...) would put Johnny at the top of their list. I usually hate that, as I'm not one for being a big fan of a hugely popular actor, but Johnny Depp just HAS to be at the top. He always delivers the greatest performance possible, and, regardless of whether the film is good or not, he is always too magnificent for words! ♥

No. 2 - Viggo Mortensen

Viggo will forever be my Aragorn. Of course, he has been in many other marvellous films - but my favourite will always be the LOTR trilogy. Of all the cast, I think he, along with Ian McKellen and Sean Bean, was the most perfectly cast. He was Aragorn...I utterly believed him -and was a little in love with him too. ;D Having said that, I believe him in all of his roles...

No. 3 - Russell Crowe

How magnificent is this man? I bow before him in wonder and awe. I know a lot of people think he's too serious and thinks he can do what he wants because he's really famous, but I completely disagree. I think it's a little bit like how so many are always like "Oh, Bette Davis was always bitching about everything and everyone, blah blah blah..." - that's not how I see it at all. She didn't bitch - she just spoke her mind and spoke it bluntly. If she was bitching, she wouldn't have been so blunt! So, yeah, that's quite similar to the Russell Crowe thing I think...

No. 4 - David Tennant

This list would not be complete with my darling David. (Cue fan girl squeees!) This man can do no wrong. Watch him in anything and you will not be disappointed. Doctor Who, Blackpool, Hamlet, Casanova....I promise you'll never tire of him!

No. 5 - Ewan McGregor

Ok, I admit it, he's here partly because of his roguish smile BUT he is an amazing actor too! Honestly, I just love him - and he seems like a such a sweet person in real life!

No. 6 - Tom Hanks

Just amazing. I have nothing more to say about him. Everything about him oozes magnificence and incredible talent! When he's on screen, you can't look at anyone else.

No. 7 - David Duchovny

I just love David - he's a wonderful actor, he's funny, he's sweet...and he got to work with Gillian Anderson *is jealous*! Gah, he's just marvellous!

No. 8 - Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones films alone merit him a place on this list. Oh, and not forgetting how immense he was in the Star Wars saga. Even though Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was absolutely rubbish, it was worth watching just for his coolness at 66 - he's one of those people who'll be cool when they're 100! (Yes, I use cool too much!!)

No. 9 - Heath Ledger

I can't believe it's 2 1/2 years since his tragic death! I'd only ever seen him in A Knight's Tale before his death, but now, having seen him in quite a few more films, I have such huge respect for him. He was a terribly mature actor, despite being so young.

No. 10 - Colin Firth

He often looks awkward and shy, but that's part of his charm! I think he's a wonderful actor, and at least one of his roles will always be remembered as the best portrayal of that character EVER - Mr. Darcy. Matthew Macfadyen, why did you think you could better him in that horrific mess of a film?

Ok, that's it. It seems to me this list is a bit of a mess, but never mind. It's over with now ;D Hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings and I hope that my overuse of the words "cool", "amazing" and "wonderful" didn't make you grimace too much!

A presto!

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