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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

One of My Favourite Old Hollywood Tribute Videos...and a ramble.

Hello there! I'm really sorry that it's been so quiet on here the last few days. I've not had any inspiration, and I didn't feel up to writing reviews. However, having ordered some rather rare films yesterday, I think some fabulous reviews will be on the way in the next few weeks - or rather, reviews about some rather fabulous films. I cannot vouch for the fabulousity (I copyright that word...) of my reviews. I'll include the list of the films I've recently bought at the end of the post.

Having said that, I did watch Hell's Angels for the first time today (can you believe it!? A huge Jean Harlow fan like me! Shocking!) and really enjoyed it so much that I would love to do a review of it, but, quite frankly, it's so spectacular that it might take me forever to write!

(^That. is. one. long. terrible. sentence. :O )

Now, onto this rather amazing Old Hollywood tribute video. I'm pretty sure I didn't post it when I first found it about a week ago, but if I did...I'm not sorry, it's too amazing to only post once! I command you to watch it, and if you do not cry during it...I despair! I cry like a baby every time...

For me, the emotion starts kicking in at about 0:40 with Joan Fontaine and then Maureen O'Hara. By the time it gets to the AMAZING clip of Greer looking absolutely perfect with her Oscar, followed closely by Carole, I'm a wreck. Oh, and not to mention the clip of Barbara at about 2:45! :') It is one of the most beautiful, lovingly-made videos I've ever seen! I urge you to check out Sara's other videos here. They're all wonderful! ♥ Oh, and I dare you to name all of the stars in the video. There were two or three that stumped me, and when I found out who they were I wanted to bang my head against a wall - how could I have forgotten them!?!?

Now, onto the ramble ;D I wanted to buy the I Love Lucy box set - or rather, buy it in parts...I don't have £100 to spend on it in one go! :O However, it seems that the only I Love Lucy DVD set I can buy is a 5 disc "16 Classic Episodes" set. The reason? All the seasons are only released on DVD Region 1 format. Grrr! I hate it when they do that! I just want my Lucy! :(

Next, I just wondered if it's odd that I don't find Bringing Up Baby funny!? ;D Well, I find Cary funny because I just love him...but Kate just makes me stop watching it after 30 minutes. She just really isn't amusing...apart from the scene where he rips the back off her dress and she starts walking back into the hotel - I just want to shout "SERVES YOU RIGHT FOR BEING SO ANNOYING!!" Hah.

Ok, I'm going to toddle off now, but not before giving you the promised list.

On the not so rare front, and mostly ones I've seen before, I bought:

Bonjour Tristesse (1958 - Otto Preminger; Deborah Kerr, David Niven and Jean Seberg)

Lady of Burlesque (1943 - Barbara Stanwyck and Michael O'Shea)

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946 - Barbara Stanwyck, Van Heflin, Lizabeth Scott and Kirk Douglas)

Meet John Doe (1941 - Frank Capra; Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper)

[The three Babs films were part of a box set]

Hell's Angels (1930 - Howard Hughes; Jean Harlow, Ben Lyon and James Hall)

And now, the one's I am most excited about because I've never been able to find them anywhere else:

Julia Misbehaves (1948 - Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Lawford)

Lizzie (1957 - Hugo Haas; Eleanor Parker and Richard Boone)

Arise, My Love (1940 - Claudette Colbert and Ray Milland)

No Man of Her Own (1950 - Barbara Stanwyck and John Lund)

Remember the Night (1940 - Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray)

Well, that's all for now! A presto! :)


  1. Thank you for your comment =) I also ADORE that Forever Young tribute, it's divine!! Really! =)

    And from the movies you mentioned, I LOVE "Arise, my Love", Claudette said it was her favorite film...and I love "Remember the Night" with Barbara and Fred even MORE =)

    Have a great day!

  2. The Vid totally makes me cry! SO AMAZING!

    Oh my gosh, TWIN! I HATE KATHERINE HEPBURN IN BUB! I love Cary in it, but otherwise don't like the movie..BECAUSE OF THE ANNOYINGNESS OF KH!

    WOWZIE KAZAM! (said with no accent! ;-D)

    Aww, sad about Lucy! I own all six seasons and all the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour stuff! I COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY LUCY!

    It's so odd! We, in the blogging community are usually all complaining about how we can't watch Region 2 discs (YOU'VE GOT ALL THE STINKIN' SAINT EPISODES OVER THERE! ;-D)! It's strange to see it from the other side!

  3. @Rena - :D I just watched "Arise, My Love" - gah, I love Claudette! It's too long since I've seen one of her films! :')

    @Millie - YAYS! I'm glad it's not just me who gets overly emotional at these videos! I showed it to my Mum and was like "WAH! They're nearly all dead! WAH! I miss them so much! LOOK AT CAROLE'S FACE!! It makes my heart break! WAHHHH!" and my Mum just sat there with a blank expression on her face. ;'D

    OH MY! WE *ARE* TWINS!! The only good bit is the olive bit...

    "Oh yes, but you can't do that trick without dropping some of the olives...it takes practice."
    "What, to sit on my hat?"
    "No, to drop an olive!"

    Much as I hate to admit, Kate's charm is really not working on me any more. :(

    Well, I found my way around it. I'm saving up for a Region 0 DVD player. I've found a few really cheap, so I'll soon be all set to go! Oh, the lengths I'll go to for Lucy! But, I also have my eyes set on the Warner Brothers Archives :D I intend to commandeer one of my American friends to have the DVDs delivered to their house, and then I'll pay for them to send them over to me :') I *will* do anything for my classic films...;D

    I don't really like The Saint *shock-horror!* ;D

    But anyway, I think it's mean how they only release some things in one region :( Share the love, people!! ;D


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