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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Flash Gordon Has Come True

That's what my Step-Grandad said today when he and my Grandma came to visit. It's the first time I've had any visitors for over two months, so it was really nice to see some people other than my immediate family. :) (Not that I dislike my immediate family!)

I usually can't tolerate people staying for much longer than 30 minutes at a push, and today was no different - except that my sentences were actually coherent for a change! Anyway, whenever Grandma and *thinks of a pseudonym* "Gordon" (you'll see why later!!) visit, we inevitably get talking about old films. It's so much fun, because even if they've never seen (or remember seeing) a certain star's films, they'll at least have heard of them (think Eleanor Parker). Today we spent ages trying to remember the name of a Joan Fontaine film in which - apparently - Joan wears her husband's former wife's dress and almost gets pushed off a cliff, but not before being run over by Burt Lancaster. Confused? Me too. (It's even more confusing because all this stemmed from our ritual discussion of Gone With the Wind (Olivia...Joan) which is a favourite of theirs.) Anyway, it sounds like a merged version of Suspicion and Kiss the Blood Off My Hands! My Grandma was adamant it began with an M, but neither me nor Gordon had any idea, so then Grandma said "Mrs...." and I blurted out "MRS. MINIVER!!". It turns out that was what she was thinking of BUT there is still a film that fits the description above...apparently! So then we got to talking about Greer Garson, and I gushed, as I always do when talking about her. ;D

Then I asked them what they thought about Stany, and my Grandma said "She was evil!". I was a bit taken aback until she clarified her wild statement with "Well, she played evil women!". The icing on the cake was when Gordon said "She was a cowgirl!" I nearly choked.

After that we moved onto the Sophia Loren vs. Gina Lollabrigida debate. It's official: Gina owns Sophia. Also, my mother looks a bit like Gina - having almost exactly the same hairstyle doesn't help! Not that it's a bad thing...

Then Grandma said she liked "...the one with the long legs." Nope, not Betty Grable, it was lovely Cyd ♥ (And yes, basically I sit there providing descriptions with names!! ;D )

It was inevitable that we would return to our much loved topic: Frank and Ava. Mostly we discuss Frank, despite my huge adoration of Ava, because my Grandma is the hugest Sinatra fan! She saw him 2 or 3 times in concert, and was, by all accounts, a total fan girl! Apparently, when she saw him in the Royal Albert Hall, she was waaay up in the gods, but when Frank started shaking hands with some of the audience, she was ready to run down - until a friend stopped her because she'd have never reached the front in time! :')

Onto Flash Gordon...

Well, Grandma and Gordon were telling me about when they used to go to the cinema when they were children in the 30s/40s, and Gordon started telling me about when Flash Gordon was shown. It was such a lovely little story of how, obviously, no one back then really thought they'd ever actually get to the moon etc. etc. and how they saw it all coming true eventually! Well, not all of it, but you get the gist. Things like that bring a tear to my eye...because I'm far too sentimental! :') But yes, Flash Gordon has come true!!

Unfortunately, they don't really know anything about silent films...which is fair enough, I suppose, seeing as they were born in the 30s. The only words about silent film that I got out of Grandma was "I never liked Charlie Chaplin!" which made me laugh! She also has only "heard" of Clara, which is sad :( Well, at least if I say "Eleanor Parker" they know who I'm talking about. Hallelujah!!

Anyway, I think that's all for now. I'm rather tired and I want to watch some I Love Lucy. Oh, check out this video...it never fails to make me smile.

Get this: They were both 60!! Look at Ginger - and Lucille - move!! :O

Well, I'll talk to you soon!! :)

Funny Quote of the Day

Gordon (after our old film discussion): Do you watch a lot of old films, Sophie?
Mum: *rolls eyes and splutters*

Yeah, I've only been watching old films since I was tiny, albeit in not quite such copious doses as the last few years!! I love Gordon! I also love his pseudonym! ;D

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  1. Fantastic post! It really entertained me. I love how you and your family just sits around talking about old movie actors! I wish my family did that. Everyone likes to sit around and talk about politics or work. Bleh!


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