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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Ugh. [Read For More - To Much Annoyance For Me To Write A Good Title]

Ok, so, it's not really any of my business, but whatever, I'm going to go ahead and speak my mind.

The other day, quite by chance whilst looking for some photos, I read about the proposed auction of some possessions of the late Lucille Ball. Well, all fine and dandy you might say, and, as a rule, I think that auctions like these are fine if the family are OK with it - and if the items for auction are things that aren't too personal. However, this proposed auction included love letters to Lucille's second husband, Gary Morton, and some of the many awards she received throughout her life. I mean, really!? Maybe I'm naive, but I think it's disgusting that anyone would even think of auctioning such personal things like that! So, I was relieved when I read that Lucille's daughter, Lucie, was fighting against these items not being put up for auction. Susie Morton, whom Gary married after Lucille died, is the one "providing" the items.

Apparently, the items were left to Lucie in Lucille's will, but Susie says (LOL, this is getting to sound a bit like an I Love Lucy ep.!!) that they were left to Gary. However, in another place I read that Susie "says" (Oh, the media!!) that Lucie never collected them, which I suppose implies that they were left to Lucie - but quite frankly, which source do you decide to trust!? Anyway, whether they were or they weren't, she did or she didn't, I really couldn't care less. The thing that gets me is the fact that this Susie Morton wants to sell someone's love letters...her own husband's love letters, no less. Why not just hand them over to Lucie!? Has she no class? It's kind of sickening really...

I wish I had enough money to fly over to the auction, buy the letters and hand them over to Lucille's daughter ;D

Ooh, I just got a news flash!! Apparently, an agreement has been reached - Lucie gets the lifetime achievement awards and they'll be displayed in a museum in honouring her mother. Well, at least one thing's sorted. Silly little naive me is still annoyed and feeling let down by the world, though.

Oh, and I forgot to mention yesterday that my Barbara Stanwyck box set did come, but the place I ordered it from somehow managed to get Stany and John Barrymore confused...

Riddle me that.


  1. Yeah, I read about it at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear and it's really sad. I just hate that Susie woman, if she had a little of class she should give those items for free to Lucille's daughter (unless she's really poor and starving, and selling these items would be the only income she could get...which I doubt). The only good thing about this is that I previewed the letters at the auction site so now —or someday when I have a lot of free time— I'm able to make a font based on Lucille's handwriting.
    Anyway, I watch "I love Lucy" everyday and this kind of news just distract me from what is really important, Lucille's talent and joie de vivre.
    See ya around Sophie.

  2. UGH! I was super-upset about this too!

    Wait, now, Lucie gets them?!

    YAAAY! :-D

  3. @Clara - Haha, me too! It's just unbelievable that people would even *think* about doing this! :/ People nowadays! ;D

    @Millie - From what I understand, the letters are still going to be auctioned. That was the part that upset me the most...what kind of person would want someone else's love letters anyway!? :/ At least the awards aren't going to be auctioned though...

  4. I agree that the notion of selling love letters is distasteful.

    The subect was discussed widely in Britain several years back when James Hewitt appeared to be willing to sell the love letters he received from Diana ,Princess of Wales.

    Legally of course , the letters are the property of the recipient , and if Gary Morton's property fell into the hands of Suzie Morton I imagine she is entitled to offer for sale what now belongs to her.

    Clearly a far better outcome would have been if the letters could have been privately returned to Lucie , but I'm doubtful that wil happen.


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