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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday Star - Glynis Johns

I once again made a foray into my film stars folder, once again closed my eyes, and once again randomly clicked. I present you with this week's Sunday Star: the lovely Glynis Johns of Mary Poppins, Perfect Strangers, Miranda and The Sundowners fame.

Glynis (Born October 5, 1923) is a South African born Welsh actress, singer, dancer....you name it, she can do it! I read once that she was qualified to teach ballet by the age of 10 :O I'd never be able to teach ballet if I lived another 666 years!

I really do love Glynis. She plays endearingly eccentric, bubbly, happy and joyful characters like no one else. Two of my favourite roles of hers aren't even main characters, but she is so charming and quirky that you can't help but love her! These roles are Mrs. Banks in Mary Poppins and Mrs. Firth in The Sundowners. Of course, these are made even more marvellous by the fact that she sings in both of them. Which brings me onto another point...

Glynis' voice is so magical. It may not be polished and perfect, but it's honest and full of emotion. Her most famed song is "Send in the Clowns" from Sondheim's A Little Night Music. I can never listen to it too much - there's something new to be heard every time.

She may not be my favourite actress, but I know I can always watch something with her in and not be disappointed.

Miss Johns is a real gem of the cinema.

This photo is so cute! I LOVE her hair! :')

Let's go fly a kite up to the highest height! Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring!!

Well, that's all, lovely people! I hope you've enjoyed it! :) A presto!

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