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Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Very Merry Birthday To You, Miss Clara Bow!

Clara Bow (Born: July 26, 1905 - Died: September 27, 1965) is my favourite actress (AND all time favourite flapper!) of the 20s, although Lulu is only second by a teeny tiny margin.

Clara's life wasn't all sunshine and roses by any means, and I often think that you can see that in her eyes. There's something in there that belies her happy, exuberant appearance. However, I don't want to dwell on the tragedies and misfortunes of her life...today should be a happy day!

If you've never seen one of her films then you've been missing out on a huge treat! ;D I suggest you get your hands on a copy of one of her films right away! My favourites are Helen's Babies(1924), The Plastic Age (1925), Wings (1927), It (1927) which gave Clara her nickname the "It girl", Call Her Savage (1932) and Hoop-La (1933), her last film.

I'm stuck for words (wonders will never cease!) to share with you my love of Clara. Really, you just have to see her in something yourself...and if, after that, you don't love her, well then, you're a lost cause! ;D

I'm going to stop aimlessly typing now, and leave you with some of my favourite photos of the birthday girl! A presto!

With her husband, Rex Bell.

I love this photo! All the bows are so clever and cute! ♥

This is possibly my favourite photo of her. It's so natural and she seems so happy...

Go Clara! ;D

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