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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I Love It When You Find Little Gems...

...of rare, or even not so rare, footage, photos, or interviews of your favourite actresses/singers etc. etc. I've had quite an exciting day in that respect! I found a TON (and I do mean a ton!) of Greer Garson photos, an Ingrid Bergman interview (fair enough, it was in Swedish...but still...), and an interview with the cast of Enron, which I'm only really interested in because the wonderful Susannah Fellows was in it - there's hardly anything to do with her on the internet, but oh, she is amazing.

She's one of the West End's leading ladies, but she hasn't go anywhere near the amount of recognition that she should have. In an odd way, she reminds me of Eleanor Parker - not just because they are both amazing, yet unacknowledged, actresses.

Susannah is one of my favourite singers. Her voice is so delicious and elegant, and ahh...I could listen to it all day. Unfortunately, there are only two videos of her on youtube, so I shall be uploading some soon. She does a mean rendition of What I Did For Love? from A Chorus Line, As If We Never Said Goodbye from Sunset Boulevard, and all of her songs from Me and My Girl are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Anyway, here's a little something, because everyone needs to hear Susannah at some point in their lives...

Could I Leave You? from Follies

Now, because I'm still in a really Greer-y mood, I thought I'd share some of the gorgeous photos I found. I hope you enjoy them! ♥

HAHAHA! Greer's face is class! :')

Greer and Walter holding hands....AND Bette Davis! ♥ amazingness overload...

With Walter and a cute little kid in Blossoms In the Dust

EEP! Greer AND Deborah in Julius Caesar!!

Oh, Walter! :')

Here's the video that I linked to yesterday...

...I found it on youtube, so I thought I'd post it again as it's more easy to access! :D

Sorry for the copious dose of Greer! :O I'll try to post something more interesting tomorrow! (not that Greer isn't interesting...)

A presto! (:

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