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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Photo of the Day

One of my favourite photos of Eve Arden! This woman was so amazing! There doesn't seem to be enough love for her, though :( Anyway, I love her so much that when she has her 20 second guest role on I Love Lucy, I get all excited and am all "OH MY WORD! IT'S EVE! IT'S EVE!" and then I usually rewind the scene and watch it another 10 times. ;D


  1. Hi, Sophie, how have you been?

    Uhm, I've only seen Eve in "Mildred Pierce", she had very funny lines in that one. I'm gonna watch "The voice of the turtle", what other movies do you recommend starring her??
    Oh, the episode in which she appeared is the one with William Holden right? Lucy & Ethel ask her something without noticing that she's famous.


  2. Great pic Sophie. I remember using that one as well for Eve's recent birthday.

    Clara, you need to check out Stage Door...Eve is very funny in that film. Also The Dough girls.

  3. Hi Clara!

    As Monty said, definitely check out "Stage Door", I adore her in that! :D


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