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Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Poll Results Are In!

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to make this post! Anyway, at least I'm doing it now! ;D

Well, I kind of knew before anyone voted on the poll which film the winner would be...

...yeah, I'm not even going to give the title because if you don't know what film this is...shame on you! ;D Who hasn't seen and loved Julie Andrews singing on an alp, dancing through Salzburg in a horrible clothes and carrying a cumbersome guitar, or dressing children in old curtains and then making them dance through Salzburg singing? Also, who hasn't suffered through Something Good - a film scene so hilarious that they had to film it in shadows because Julie and Christopher kept laughing. Needless to say, this film is just brilliant. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Oh, and people, the Baroness is clearly the greatest character in this (well, her and the nun who looks like Eve Arden...). She wasn't even being horrible when she made Maria go away. I mean, come on, she was virtually married to the Captain and then Julie waltzes in with her 4 octaves and whooosh. Do not hate on B. Schraeder. She is the best and was my favourite character even when I was little. Oh, and just before I finish rambling about this glorious film, it should be noted that this film is probably my most watched. This, and The King and I, was basically the only thing I ever watched from the age of 4-9. I must have seen it over 1000 times...I'm not even kidding. For the last few weeks, I've watched it every night to help me get to sleep...it's like an old friend talking to me! ;D

The next film is my most loved R&H musical...

^Yul is like "Whaaa? We only came second!?"

The King and I

This was the film that made me fall in love with Old Hollywood - mainly because of Deborah Kerr. I love everything about this film: the costumes, the songs, the amazing sets, and Deborah. Anyway, this came in joint second with 3 votes. To the people who voted for this, I love you! ;D

Coming in joint 2nd with The King and I, is...


I hate this musical. I actually HATE IT! It's so horrible! I can't even...

Anyway, yeah, it came in joint 2nd...I don't want to dwell on it too much. :|

Coming in 3rd, with 1 vote, is...

South Pacific

Whoever voted for this, I love you! I think this is such a beautiful musical/film and it's one of my favourites. The music is just out of this world ♥

Carousel, State Fair (I love this film!), Flower Drum Song, and Cinderella received no votes.

Just because I love making lists, I'm going to list my favourite R&H musicals in order of most loved to HATED.

The King and I
The Sound of Music
South Pacific
State Fair

I haven't seen Flower Drum Song or Cinderella so I can't really list them, but I'm pretty sure they can't be as horrific as Oklahoma! ;D

A BIG thank you to everyone who voted! :)


  1. if it were a 'second most favorite r&h poll' I would've picked King and I! :D



    I saw the pic and said "OH JUNK! The singing children won!" ;-D

    And I also hate South Pacific and The King and I.

    My favorite (and my vote)? OKLAHOMA!

    Millie loves Oklahoma!

    Millie even owns an original record of its soundtrack and plays it often.

    Millie can often be found singing "The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends...."

    State Fair is 2nd choice.


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