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Saturday, 21 August 2010

My 10 Favourite On-screen Couples

This is a list of the 18 people who I think make the most adorable, delightful, beautiful and charming on-screen couples. I hope you enjoy it!

No. 10

Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy

The first time I saw either of them was when I was 9/10 at my Grandma’s house. I used to spend the whole day there on Saturdays, and, in the afternoon, we would watch old films on the television. Often, Grandma would fall to sleep, leaving me to watch the films by myself. It must have been one of their birthdays or something, because one of the channel played 3 of their films one after the other that afternoon. The films were: Woman of the Year, Adam’s Rib and Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner. My Grandma must have really liked Kate and Spencer back in the day because she was full of praise about their films (despite her falling asleep half way through the first one) and she told me a lot about them. Although I’m not the biggest fan of Spencer, and despite the fact that Kate and I have our ups and downs ( ;D ), ever since that afternoon I’ve loved "Kate and Spencer".

Favourite Film: Adam’s Rib

No. 9

Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant

I don’t suppose that many people would count Roz and Cary as one of their favourite on-screen couples, but I just love them together so much. They had such amazing chemistry in His Girl Friday, and, if it wasn’t for that chemistry, the rapid-firing dialogue just wouldn’t have been the same. I can’t put into words how much I love them! :’)

Favourite Film: His Girl Friday (duh)

No. 8

Eleanor Parker and Frank Sinatra

This is another odd one, I suppose - especially if you think in terms of The Man With the Golden Arm! However, if you’ve seen them together in A Hole in the Head, I’m pretty sure you’d agree with me that they’re so cute together. Even in The Man With the Golden Arm they work so well together. There’s just something really special there. Frank is quite macho, and Eleanor always seems so delicate and gentle...they compliment each other, I suppose. PEOPLE, I LOVE THEM TOGETHER, OK!?

Favourite Film: A Hole In the Head

Excuse the terrible screencap!

No. 7

Myrna Loy and William Powell

It’s an age since I’ve seen anything with this lovely couple in, but, nevertheless, here they are. It’s probably illegal to make this list without putting them on, so, yeah. They’re excessively cute and hilarious together, and I love them a lot.

Favourite Film: The Thin Man

No. 6

Olivia de Havilland and Errol Flynn

I was introduced to these two divine creatures at an early age when my mother would make us all watch The Adventures of Robin Hood at Christmas and various other times of the year. I thought Errol was an absolutely beautiful man (even though I had a tiny crush on Basil Rathbone…), and that Livvie was rather gorgeous herself. They seemed so perfect to me, and I’ve been in love with them as a couple, especially in the aforementioned film, ever since.

Favourite Film:

The Adventures of Robin Hood

No. 5

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, Fred and Ginger aren’t my favourite dancing couple. That would be Cyd Charisse and either Fred or Gene, I never can decide. However, they’re my second fav. dancing couple, and as far as on-screen couples go, they are sooo adorable. The thing I love about them as dancer partners is the fact that they always worked so well together, Ginger was never whirling off trying to do her own thing…they were one when they danced.

Favourite Film: Swing Time

No. 4

Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne

I have so much love for this couple. The first film I saw them in was The Wings of Eagles, and I fell in love. They had such amazing chemistry…I can’t even…

I’m not a big fan of John Wayne, but give me a John and Maureen film and I’m as happy as Larry.

Favourite Film: The first one I saw, The Wings of Eagles.

No. 3

Greer Garson and Ronald Colman

I can’t even begin to express my love of this couple. They are just so beautiful together. I love them so, so much! Without saying a word, they could convey such emotion! :’) I really can’t put my adoration of them into mere words…

Favourite Film: Random Harvest

No. 2

Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant

I never used to particularly like Deborah and Cary together that much, but now I adore them. I love the way they banter in their films…it’s so charming and lovely. They don’t really sizzle like some on-screen couples, but they’re just so attractive together that you can’t help but adore them!

Favourite Film: An Affair To Remember (Dream Wife is a very close second!)

No. 1

  1. Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon

  2. I’m sure this comes as no surprise to most of you, as I’m constantly drooling over photos of them. They are so wonderful together - so gorgeous, marvellous, charming, delicious, delightful and divine. I get so excited when I watch any of their films…THEY ARE SO DAMN ADORABLE! From Greer’s cute little smirks, to Walter’s little cough whenever Greer says something a little bit shocking. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, OK!? I could go on and on about them, but I’ll control myself.

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