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Friday, 11 June 2010

A Loving Ramble

Hello! I hope you are all well (: I'm still feeling very yucky today, especially seeing as I haven't been able to eat anything for about 5 days! I'm nibbling on crystallised ginger in the hope that it might help my digestion a bit, and Kendal Mint Cake to keep my blood sugar levels up! Oh, and tea - lots of tea for my throat! I suppose I could pretend I'm have a tea party with Deborah and Greer...

...Walter Pidgeon could come if he wanted to, I certainly have no objection!

I'm currently rather annoyed because The Miniver Story seems virtually impossible to get hold of. The only copies I found were on Amazon and started at $15...and they're on VHS. Now, I don't mind getting classic films of VHS if they haven't been released on DVD yet, or if the VHS is considerably cheaper than the DVD, because usually you can copy them onto a DVD. However, I refuse to pay $15 for a VHS. I would pay that much if it were a DVD, but come on...a VHS shouldn't cost that much. Besides, I don't have that much money to spend on films at the moment - everyone seems to have had a birthday the last couple of months! All I want is to see the damn film! Someone's uploaded a couple of clips on youtube...torture me why don't you?! To console myself, I read the plot synopsis. I really shouldn't have done that. That perfect marriage...poor Kay...it made me sad. I didn't expect it to be as sugar-coated as Mrs. Miniver but still...

Hah. So, anyway, if any of you know where I can get hold of a copy of it for less than $15 on DVD or VHS, I would be most obliged. Or even if you know somewhere that I can watch it...

I feel rather stupid because when I watched Caged (1950 - Eleanor Parker) one of the actresses in it reminded me of someone, but I just couldn't place her. Due to my silly brain fog, it never occurred to me to Google her. When I did eventually think of googling her, I was extremely ashamed that I couldn't remember who she was.

Yes, of course it's Agnes Moorehead. How could I not have known that? It's quite atrocious, do you not agree? I apologise from the bottom of my heart, Agnes!

Incidentally, Caged is an amazing film. I can't remember if I talked about it in my post about Eleanor Parker, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself, but you really have to see it!

Eleanor is quite incredible in it. Also, the fact that she had to have all of her lovely blonde hair shaved off for it makes her rather brave too! There isn't a huge amount of people who would be willing to do that...

Well, now I'm going to end with a few photos! A presto!!

I think this photo is so adorable...it's just so...Audrey. More so than her glammed up photos (:

Doris' face is such a lovely, happy face that it makes me feel really happy too!

I think I've only mentioned Lauren once so far, and that's quite atrocious! So, here's a lovely, lovely photo of her!

No post is complete without Deborah, so this is her receiving her honorary Oscar in 1994. If you've not seen the footage of this wonderful moment, here is the video:

It makes me weep a little every time I see it - Deborah is so gracious and charming, but she looks so frail.


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment...She knew how much you loved her...

  2. First: I am saddened that if was bad, I hope you're improving a kiss
    Second: sometimes the cacci to film becomes a nightmare, you do not know for example absurdly in Italy there is a coia, it seems, Under Capricorn of Hithcock, but I saw him translated by small .... mysteries, meanwhile, a friend I found a copy English with subtitles amateur, Mrs. Minniver I saw her as a girl was a beautiful film, very moving, she is delightful, adorable, Nice, elegant, beautiful.
    third, I do not know Caged I mettrmi hunting for this film, ah everyone I saw ... ... ...
    Fourth: that funny photos
    Fifthly, I had never seen the ceremony for Deborah, is true is so fragile but fantastic always, that long applause and his eyes almost weeping have moved me too.
    We embrace and carat well miaoooooo

  3. Grazie! Oggi mi sento un po 'meno male. (:

    Oh, non mi rendo conto quanto fosse difficile trovare questi film in Italia. :/ E 'un film bello, si. (: Mi piace cosí tanto!

    Sono contento che ti sia piaciuto il video. (: é bello...

    Baci! Miaoo!


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