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Monday, 21 June 2010

My Unsent Letters to the Stars

Hello all! I'm pretty out of it today due to not getting a wink of sleep last night (however, I did manage to snatch 2/3 hours around midday, so I'm not as out of it as I could be!), so don't be too hard on me if I don't make any sense at all! :)

Debbie Reynolds makes me smile. Always. She's one of the sweetest darlings ever to live ♥ I decided to write to her a few years ago, but never got around to sending the letter because I was confused as to how you send SASEs to someone who lives in another country. (Something I'm still not entirely sure about. I'm sure I read somewhere that it can be done, but I can't for the life of me remember how. So, I'd be very grateful if you knew!) Anyway, I was just looking at the letter I wrote. It's so...adoring and gushy. Half of it is completely irrelevant. For example (with unaltered grammar, punctuation and spelling)...

If someone who had never seen a musical before asked me to recommend one to watch as a starter, I would probably say "Singin' In the Rain", "Me and My Girl", "Guys and Dolls", "The King and I" and "Wicked".

I wasn't sucking up to her with Singin' In the Rain!! Honest!!

There is also a part in which I inform Debbie how much I wish my life was a musical...

It would be so wonderful if I could burst into song on the street without people looking at me weirdly! It would be even better if they would all start singing and dancing behind me!

Yes, it would be fun, but I'm pretty sure Debbie Reynolds couldn't care less!

I also told her that if she did reply (ouch!)...

...I will treasure it [the reply] for all eternity.

There was also the "first draft" of the letter, which, I presume I thought was too short and snappy - so I rewrote it to include the flowery randoms you see above.

The next one I found was the letter I wrote to the lovely Jean Simmons...

It would have been a lovely letter - if it had been written to Deborah Kerr. One paragraph in and I obviously couldn't contain my love of Deborah. Now, I know that Jean and Deborah were really great friends, and that they were really close and all that jazz, but still, a fan letter that raves about another actress? I think not. I presume the idea behind it was that because Jean had been close to Deborah, she would reply to me because she was happy to find that Deborah's memory lived on!

I am probably the biggest fan of Miss Deborah Kerr ever! I watched her biography recently and saw you on it saying what good friends you were with her, so I decided to write to you and tell you that I love and admire her more and more every day!

...and so on and so forth.

I am soooo glad that I never sent that letter! If I had, I am sure I would have regretted it for the rest of my life, and probably would never have been able to look at Jean's face again.

I closed the letter with...

It has been an immense pleasure to write to you and I sincerely hope that I have not bored you.

Yeah, right. If I was she, I would have probably torn it into tiny pieces and then burnt the photo of myself that the website I got her address off told me to include.

But I'm not Jean. Jean was too gracious and kind to do anything like that. She might even have replied. Oh how I wish I was more like her!

I am quite sad that I never got the chance to send her a letter. That's why I'm trying to get myself psyched up to start writing my all important letters to Celeste Holm, Vera Lynn, Lauren Bacall, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Oliva De Havilland etc. etc.

Actually, I have a bone to pick with dear Olivia. Mhm.

I sent her a letter in 2008, and never got a reply. I was fine with that though, because the website I got the address from said that she probably wouldn't be replying to any letters until she'd finished her autobiog. So, I took a chance writing to her, and it didn't pay off. Fair enough. However, the other day, whilst rechecking the address, I found out that she was replying to people's letters at the same time I sent mine! *blubs* Olivia doesn't love me!! My world is shattered right now. I don't know what I did to deserve this, but it must have been something bad!! What did I write in the letter that was so horrific? Why doesn't she love me? *sobs*

Or maybe the letter just went astray. Yes, I prefer to take that view. That is why I have decided to send her another letter, in the hope that we can be reconciled. If she doesn't reply to this one, I'll probably never watch anything with her in again. LOL jk. I would never do that. ♥ Long live Olivia!!

Well, that's all folks! I hope it wasn't too much of a rambling mess. If it was, I'm truly sorry.

A presto!!


  1. Ms. Reynolds lives in the US, so you just need to make sure you put on the "SESE" envelope two American "1st Class" stamps (44 cents each). They should reach your country without a problem.

    I have written to Ms. Reynolds and got a beautiful photo back (one that I sent to her to sign)

    Also I am in the process of writing to Ms. de Havilland too! :) I just wrote about how to write to celebrities on my blog. :)


  2. Now you know,go on send that letter.Don't wait till its to late...By the way loved the post.

  3. @Tom - Oh thank you so much! If I was sending a photo, thought, would two American 1st Class stamps cover that? Thanks! (:

    Ooh, that sound so amazing! She is such a lovely lady! ♥ Well, I'm going to try and get my letter written to Miss De Havilland as soon as possible, so if I get a reply - I'll definitely post about! Also, I'm heading over to your blog to check out that post! Thanks! (:

    @Gingeyginge - I will definitely send it - and let everyone know if I get replies! (: I would be so excited! (: Thanks! (:


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