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Sunday, 13 June 2010

My Mind Is A Time Machine!

Hello everyone!

Per prima cosa: Ho alcuni lettori italiani! Grazie e benvenuto! Vi amo! (:

Well, I was watching Doctor Who last night (this does get more interesting, I promise!) and at the end they showed a sneak peek of next week's episode - the first half to the series finale. Once again, the 'Pandorica' was mentioned as it has been throughout this series (it's been quite tantalising really!) but last night it made me realise just how much my brain isn't living in the present time at all. Every time the 'Pandorica' has been mentioned this series, I see Louise Brooks' face, and last night they showed what I presume to be Pandora's Box. As soon as I saw it I got an image of it opening and Louise Brooks' jumping out...

...and the image is odd to say the least.

I just thought that was really funny (and strange). On numerous occasions things like that happen to me, but it only just hit me last night. I don't know...is it a good or a bad thing? I like to think that it's good! My Grandmother, step-Granddad and I have conversations that must seem really strange to onlookers. We talk about long since forgotten actresses, singers and dancers from the 30s through 50s (my Grandparents don't go back as far as I do!!) and events that happened during those years. My Mum has said how strange it sounds because it seems like I was there too! Oh, I wish! But, it is really, really interesting. Ever since I was little, I've always loved to listen to older people talking. They've lived, they have things to talk about and they are much more interesting than my peers! It really angers me when people of my generation don't give older people the respect they deserve by listening to them. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be here!


So, does anything like that happen to you? I'm sure it does, it seems like quite a common 'symptom' of people who are in love with the past.

I may as well post more photos of Louise Brooks - she can be the Star of the Day.

A presto!

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