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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Pretty Pretty (:


This isn't my main post of the day, but I just wanted to show you what arrived for me yesterday from New Look! (:

Printed Smock Dress

It.is.so.pretty. The photo doesn't do it justice, it is so gorgeous AND it's 100% cotton which will be lovely and cool on one of the many beautiful, sunny, hot days I'm hoping for in France. The detailing is stunning, and I love the shade of green and...oh, it's ever so delightful and summery! (: I can't wait to wear it!

You can still buy it - I checked on New Look and it is still there. It's a good price too, as it's in the sale.

I also got these little beauties...

...which also look much nicer in real life (; They're quite comfy - but that's not much of an issue anyway, as I won't be doing much walking in them!

I had a nasty-ish first experience with boohoo.com on Saturday. I'd ordered 3 items from them, 2 of which were the same item only in different sizes as I wasn't sure what the sizing was like. Anyway, I wasn't expecting them to be the particularly good quality - thank goodness! - BUT on one dress, the print stopped halfway round the back, and the two items that I got in s/m and m/l were exactly.the.same.size. I'm keeping one of them (still not sure whether it's s/m of m/l!!!) but the other two have been returned - and never more will I buy from boohoo.

This is the dress...

...it is pretty rubbish quality, but I paid for P+P and the dress wasn't much at all, so I'm keeping it. I think the little cats are quite cute - in an odd way....

Well, that's all for now, but I'll be posting another continuation post of the 20s-50s one I started 2 days ago! (:

A presto!

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